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  1. Walking Dead tonight!
  2. Walking dead is a zombie series and in my country the episode premieres on tuesday
  3. The Walking Dead is one of the greatest TV shows to ever grace human kind.
  4. I have the first season and I love the series, I just worry that its just gonna keep turning into a soap opera.
  5. I agree, I don't like all the drama that keeps coming up. It seems like the whole group is being driven apart instead of trying to survive which is really maddening. :mad:
  6. Wooooo WALKING DEAD omfg Jizzing i have never ever missed an episode and im in australia! <3

    Though i must admit its lacking what it did on the earlier episodes maybe action? i don't know.
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  7. When full episodes go by without a single walker (several of this season's episodes) then they are to dramatic and need to go kill some stuff
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  8. Exactly. It just kills the series.... need more of what they had on season 1 ^^
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  9. To be honest, this last episode was probably the best they've had all season. Although it would have been better if they would all just GET ALONG. I'm sick of Shane, and I'm sick of Andrea. They drama is making me dislike characters who I normally wouldn't have a problem with.
  10. Yep, i just watched it, i actually like how there was some action, but shane to be was a favorite now, i dislike him. And Andrea is just annoying full stop. lol Lets hope the next couple actually give something back already ^^
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  11. Yeah, I hope, but with the hole Shane keeps digging himself into, It will not be easy for him to regain a little, if any, of my favor.