Don't delete everything after 10 days offline

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  1. Hi everyone, I know the rule that a residence will be deleted after the player is offline for more than 10 days and i would like to change that if possible.
    Of course is it important to give other players a chance to claim a residence when another one don't go online anymore, but it's to short.
    Once some months earlier i understood this rule, every second week appeared a new world to have enough space for all the players, but this has changed...
    the growth of our empire has stopped and now should we look after those who are still here. I would quit this server if my res will be deleted one time because my motivation for this server is in my residence. I think other players feel the same.
    my suggestion is:
    Enlarge the time until the res get deleted, maybe to 20 days or a month, IF POSSIBLE would it be great to give players like a "Trust bonus" that means if someone is since 100 days in the empire, he gets 5 or 10 more days untis his res gets deleted.

    I would really enjoy this change because i have to do military service in a month and I may only have access to the internet at the weekend. If i only miss to log in at one weekend, my wonderfull residence where i spent hours and days of building will just dissapear...

    and sorry for the bad english, I'm swiss :D
  2. Just pm IcecreamCow and ask him not to reset your res until you get back.
  3. The current amount of time is fair. If you KNOW you are going to be gone more than 1o days - you can put a hold on the derelict policy. Within reason of course. The derelict policy doesn't even apply to supporters so we are only looking at non-supporters. Depending on the flow of new members. Residences aren't always reset right at 10 days so there are some with which the player hasn't logged in for a month.
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  4. This problem is solved by contacting a moderator/sr staff/admin and having the res flagged as on "hold" if you know you arent going to be on for a few days.
  5. You have a good point, 2 of my friends quited this server for one reason... That their residence was removed after 10 days. One of them was on a two week vacation and when he got back everything was gone. So he quit:/
    The other guy he was busy with something and when he got back his residence was gone. My residence have been reset 2 times. First time because I wanted to make something new on it. Then i I built the most amazing house I've ever made and I was very happy with it, I also started on stores and stuff at my residence so it would be like a village. Then for my birthday I went to New York for one week. I totally forgot about the 10 derelict policy. When I came home it was all gone. I stopped playing minecraft for a month or two but then I decided to start playing again. It's good that there is a derelict policy but it should be like 20 days or a month. 10 days is too short. If it gets more than 10 days sometime I think my friends will start to like this server again:)
  6. "The Empire gets a ton of new players every single day. In order to keep our systems clean and make room for people who want to play, we have a derelict policy.

    Derelict Residences - 10 Days

    Any player who does not sign-in to any Empire server for a period of 10 days, will have their residence reset and reclaimed. This does not apply to active supporters, even if they have been away for more than a month.

    If you are going to be gone for longer than 10 days let us know the reason and we will not reclaim your residence, click here to message Icecreamcow.

    Any player who is permanently banned will have their residence reset and reclaimed in 7 days. The 7 days allows time for a banned player to appeal the ban.

    Derelict Players - 30 Days

    Any player who does not sign-in to any Empire Minecraft server for a period of 30 days, will have their basic Minecraft player data removed. This means whatever your character is carrying, your current world and position in it, will all be lost. Your other Empire Minecraft player data, such as rupees balance, if you have completed the tutorial, your vault, will NOT be reset."

    See above for the derelict policy, straight from the Empire Guide...important parts in red...
    Upon joing EMC, all players should have read the Guide and therefore would know the policy regarding such.

    In addition, the res is not automatically reset at exactly 10 days, but rather only if the server is out of open residences or if a player specifically requests that a reset be done and the res is not on "hold".

    10 days is MORE than enough time and extending it would upset the new players that want to be able to claim a new residence and start building.
  7. I know the redelict policy, but this is a thing that can be changed as well ;) and if I only have to stay one weekend in militaryservice (what is possible without an anounce before) i'm away for at least 12 days, that's enough to delete my res...
  8. You should talk to IcecreamCow specifically to see what he says. normally you can message any of the Senior Staff - but IcC will probably work something out. ;)
  9. This answer is Simple! Email ICC, ShaunWhite1982, Aikar, or Maxarius..... Problem Solved... :)
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  10. It's not only about my problem, i think it should be changed generally to 20 tays or whatever. I'm sure I'd find another solution of my problem if this don't chane ;)
  11. Supporters arnt affected by it so im happy :p

    EDIT: By this i mean i want it to stay the same as i have claim 3 res' because people arnt online for 10 days
  12. You do know they only delete it If Both of these happen:
    A) There Is Less than 100 ( i think ) Res's free
    B) You have been off for over 10 days