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  1. I run "The Minecraft Council", which we do many things. The main thing is voting on ideas then sending the best (that arent a waste of time) to JustinGuy. We do many other things. We need donations of anything you can give us to help us with our projects.

    please open up your hearts.

    Merry Christmas :)
  2. Hi im the VP and its true. In order to act at our best functionality, we need rescources, rups and blocks are welcome along with ideas. Please help us give ideas.

    Deck the halls with creeper heads, falalalalalalala
  3. I would like to donate a diamond block.
    Where should I deliver it?
  4. Deliver it to me at 4333 on smp2
  5. historian, collect the donations IF im not online. if i am, i will collect them since im the President. and thanks for your donation nnnnmc1
  6. By the way S_L_R_B is gonna give us 500, i said i ok, but we wont accept anymore than 15.
    P.S. A donater gave us a Diamond Block.
  7. ok, when you get online, come to my res and give them to me. ill make a chest in my storage area for donations
  8. I would like to donate a smile J
  9. I suggest put [access] specific_name on donation chest. because there might be some bad guy who ain't come to donate. but steal donation stuff instead.

    EDIT: some might just donate loads of dirt in there.