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  1. Not sure if there is a thread on this already but I am really interested in donating and I only joined a few moments ago.

    What i want to know is, if i donate could i simply cancel the donation next month? Like if i chose only to donate for 1 month can i just do that without having to notify someone or anything like that?
  2. Donate

    If you cancel, you may have to tell Justin. Not exactly sure. Might be an option to cancel on PayPal. Your supporter subscription will fill out all the payed for time, regardless if you cancelled before the month was over.
  3. thank you :) been a great help. I'll donate if just a sec :D
  4. Glad I could help.
  5. Yes, Paypal has an option for you to cancel the subscription if you wish to do so. :)

    Thanks a ton for supporting!
  6. no problem! As soon as i jumped on it seemed good, but once i got through the tutorial, well... i think the donation speaks for itself haha :p great work here guys, don't plan on cutting that donation off anytime soon ;D
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  7. With your help, and the other supporters, we'll be able to keep adding new servers so others can enjoy the Empire as well. :) :)
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  8. Gaah i have to start working hard if i want to donate anytime soon
  9. Back again xD.

    this time, say i was felling generous and wanted to bump my gold up to a diamond, would i best wait until the gold expires first then go on diamond? or do it now and pm someone or so? :D
  10. You just got Gold :) If you upgrade to Diamond and then PM me I will refund the Gold :)
  11. Can't do it right now as I'm heading off for the night :p
    Will most likely do it tomorrow :)
  12. Its all good just letting you know. Thanks for supporting either way :)
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  13. Oh, do I need to cancel my gold first or just upgrade? :p
  14. Just upgrade and let me know, I will cancel the Gold and refund it (because you just got it :p)
  15. There we go Mr guy :) you know have yourself another diamond donator :)
  16. Thanks again for supporting!!!
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  17. It's very appreciated. Thank you kindly. :)
  18. No, thank you for an amazing server <3
  19. yes, this server is amazing <3 <3
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  20. how do i donate for just 1 month???