Donations of Quartz To Future Biggest mall on smp7?

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  1. Me and a friend (Cube151) are building the next 14141 shop. We are honoured to be the owners of a history based residence. In my eyes, there are only 2 major shops but Smp7 currently does not have a shop that sells everything, although there is one shop I know that sells about everything (15500) but many items are not stocked. So we ask just for charitable people to donate some quartz so we could complete the shop within a month.

    Thank you for your time and kindness :)
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  2. I saw it did you clear out the hole or paid 60k to maxarias to clear it?
  3. Used shovels to dig it out, took a whole entire day.
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  4. Sounds good :) I may have a few stacks of Quartz Blocks lying around...
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