Donations needed for Vertical Wheat Auto-Farm

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  1. I currently have a 12 stories high vertical wheat auto-farm (10117 on SMP5) and want to build it higher now that the world height is increased. I need these materials:

    Dirt, Stone (smooth, not cobble), Glass, Wooden Planks, and Redstone

    If you donate enough materials for an entire floor, then you'll become a Floor Donor.

    Floor Donors get:
    • 1 Diamond for the first 5 people who donate (limit: 1 Diamond per donor)
    • 1 sign on the ground-level Donor Board (see screenshot below).
    • Ability to customize the look of your floor with 26 decorative blocks. The decorative blocks will make up a strip of blocks that surrounds your floor (see screenshot). They can be anything except sand and gravel.
    Each floor needs:
    • 80 Dirt
    • 70 Stone (smooth, not cobble)
    • 52 Glass
    • 48 Wooden Planks
    • 26 decorative blocks of your choice (if you don't want to donate these, I'll just use Stone Bricks)
    • 16 Redstone
    • 2 Glowstone (optional, but will make your floor to look a little nicer, otherwise, I'll just use torches)

    I've set up donation chests behind the tower where you can deposit the materials. If you want to be a Floor Donor, you have to donate ALL of the required materials for ONE floor. To do this, just right-click on each chest once (the Glowstone is optional). You can donate for multiple floors if you want. I'll use the rupee history page ( to keep track of who donates what.

    decorative-blocks.png donation-chests.png donor-board-close-up.png donor-board.png
  2. Wow nice... I might have some competition on wheat production haha. I wish I could donate
  3. Thanks, it produces enough wheat and seeds right now to fill your inventory.
  4. Nice, mine does too. Its just annoying that I lag when I harvest because of all the particles
  5. Yeah I get a lot of lag too, it's really annoying. I'm thinking of putting some chests at the collection point so that I can deposit the wheat in the chest as I'm collecting it so my inv doesn't fill up. If I just leave all the wheat sitting there, it lags my computer.
  6. Great minds think alike. I just rigged it so I could release the water from the collection point and also put chests down there
  7. Yeah that way, you don't have to worry about fighting the lag as you're trying to get down to the collection point.