Donations needed for amazing house

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by super_bilbo, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. I need ALOT of donations of lime green wool, white wool, lime green dye, ladder, wood, and a small amount of black wool
  2. Just buy it dude. Earn some money. It really isn't that hard.
  3. yeah but I suck at minecraft.

    Is there any way to earn money other than selling things?
  4. Well, the higher-level supporter you are, the more rupees you are given daily.
  5. super_bilbo, the day I joined here I had nothing else than the starting rupees. I did have a HUGE project I wanted to realize tho. So I went on the website and became diamond supporter that same day. Then I had enough rupees everyday to buy the stone/wool/wood I needed for my project. I mined a lot and sold the items I had collected to shops
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  6. thanks I'll get a higher supporter level when I can :D
  7. The best course of action for those who don't have shops set up is to find a shop that buys stuff, then go mine like nuts in the wild and sell it to them.
  8. Unless, of course, you want to be setting up a shop later, in which case it's probably better to hold on to your stuff until you do. If you keep selling it, what are you going to sell once your shop is up? :p
  9. well ur going to need to stock up ur shop before u open it so thats when u go out and get ur stuff and with that u have money from the stuff u have already sold ;)
  10. also if u need money use ur daily sign in bonus swell...dont spend like crazy ;)
  11. Thanks for all your advice