[DONATIONS] Mega Mall Planned on SMP6

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  1. I have a mega mall planned on SMP6 and I will be needing a lot of resources for this build. My mega mall mainly needs Quartz. Rupee donations are also accepted! I will be making the mega mall on an alternate which I am getting soon once my plan makes progress and I actually get the rupees and items I need. The builders who are going to help build is probably going to be Eclipsys, if not Finch_rocks_1. Please note that nobody other than Gold or Diamond donators will be allowed in the res if the build is still in progress.
    Here are the rupee donator ranks:
    None: 100+
    Iron: 1,000+
    Gold: 10,000+ (Will receive move perm while build is in progress)
    Diamond: 50,000+ (Will receive move perm while build is in progress)
    Emerald (Really awesome): 100,000+
    Now here are the Quartz Block donator ranks
    None: 5 blocks+
    Iron: 50 blocks+
    Gold: 500 blocks+ (Will receive move perm while build is in progress)
    Diamond: 2500 blocks+ (Will receive move perm while build is in progress)
    Emerald (Also really awesome): 5000 blocks+
    Here is the donaters list:
    Emerald (not going to make it bigger this time):
    Updated as of: 28/08/13 day/month/year
    Please speak up in this thread if you have donated or not! I won't be able to keep track much if you have donated. Donate at 12352 SMP6! The signs will instruct you to what you need to do! Trash donations are also accepted (because they can be sold).
    Here's a picture of what it is going to look like upon completion!
    Ignore the build on the right! Mainly focus on the 4 connected towers!
  2. Kame Hame BUMP!
  3. May I suggest the quartz donations be correspondent with the rupee donation? 20 stack of quartz blocks of worth maybe 30k, and if I chose to donate I would donate quartz blocks instead, or just buy them.
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  4. Ahh Thanks. I'll get that changed right now!
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  6. I would love to donate, however, I am saving up for the horse you are going to sell to me :3

    BTW I can always help build! :)
  7. Heh! Happy to hear that people actually would donate!
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  9. Argh! Bump! Nobody encourages me on building this! More Support Please!
  10. More donations! More donations! BUMP!
  11. What does the "none" rank mean exactly? I would like to donate a decent amount of blocks that will help you, since right now nether mining is a priority of mine too.
  12. I'll donate 10k when I get back on my laptop for ya :)
  13. Thanks! Thank you all! You guys will mean a lot to me in the future!
  14. The "none" rank means that they don't get a rank for only donating 100r or 5 blocks of quartz. Erm... I should've changed it to 1+ rupees. :confused:
  15. I still sort of don't get it, it sounds as if the only way we would be recognized for donating is if we donate the iron rank or higher...
  16. You see... what I am afraid is of people spamming my chat by spamming /r pay yusei10123 1. It would be a pain cause I would have to keep track of every single person who donated 1-999 rupees. It would be really hard to keep track of that many people.