Donations for SMP5 MALL!!!

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  1. im making a mall on smp5 (because there are none there) and i am running short on money... im 2/3s done and any donation is apreated (if its less than 100r forget it) any donation helps. I really will appreciate anything. Thanks for being an awesome community. I LOVE MY TIME HERE SO FAR!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. This isnt begging its just a friendly request :D
  2. Check out the front page of ECM 15k for you
  3. i already hav that
  4. *If its less then 100R, forget it."

    Somebody's a little greedy. You can always just open your mall, and build it as funds come in.
  5. 15k is a lot of money some people never get that much on emc plus you are a gold supporter
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  6. *like like like*
  7. Yep it is kinda greedy..
  8. Runs over in agreement and hugs you......
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  10. Fight fight fight

    anyway before u start a mega mall start a little small shop and have lots of stock and sell them
    then start your foundations for the mall
    once mall is done and ur still selling plenty of stuff with a profit, u need to get a least couple 100k
    then when the mall is done and prices are good u need to get suppliers until u have a least a chest on stuff like iron and couple double chest of items like wool
    then with advertising but not too much and friendly service as well keeping stock
    (maybe close down once every week for stocking)
    also with a grand opening then u have a mall

    lol hope this helps
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  11. Lol thats my sig!

    This person always has competition with me for no reason too! He says he's gonna make the biggest mega shop in SMP5, yet he's begging for donations. I didn't beg for donations when I was building my shop, it just shows how much this person is.

    Don't bother I told this guy to slowly open his shop, gradually opening items after items of shop inventory. He says no he wants to do it all at once.
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  12. I'm going to give you 99r. No, I wont forget about it, this 99r is important to me.