Donation Room

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  1. I am not sure about other users on EMC, but at times when I acquire better equipment, I am more than happy to donate the hand me downs to other players. I've been going to /town and leaving some random items there, nothing spectacular like promos, but miscellaneous items.

    If anyone is old enough to recall text-based MUDs, the one server I played on a great deal had a donation room, where any items anyone felt to donate was kept. Any player was allowed to come in, and sort through the items and take and leave what they wanted. There was a command /donate that an user could use to send an item to the donation room, from any location on the server.

    I had thought perhaps EMC could use something similar, though it would likely need to be a room of chests where the items ended up at. Most likely there may not be an expensive item, but a new player could get a hold of a diamond axe or such easily. And dirt.
  2. I don't remember a grand room on anything, but I do recall a large tower of hoppers for donations in the SMP3 spawn up until a few months ago.
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