Donation box? Explain

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  1. Hi :L can anyone explain how it works?

    > name <
    B 500
    So when I click the sign, what happens? It takes 500 rupes or do I have to have dirt on me and it gives me money for it?

    * dumb moment *
  2. Some shops put these up to trick people into buying dirt for lots of money. Most shops; however, use these to allow people who like the shop to give them money by buying a worthless object for a large amount of money. I consider it begging and I do not condone or participate in it.
  3. the price with a B by it means you are buying that item so you would get 1 dirt for 500R, but if it had an S it would mean your selling 1 dirt and receiving 500R. Most donation boxes give you something worthless for a high price. It helps them expand, but I don't think they really need the money.
  4. Ah I see, thanks! :D
  5. Yeh flap take a look at mine and sprees donation board all the money we have received has gone towards the hotel project or other projects we are working on smp8
  6. Yeah Yeah
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