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  1. Hi

    Im going to donate but my mum and dad are very protective of there money and paypal account is there any way to prove like a certificate showing that this is safe?
  2. They think paypal is unsafe?
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  3. No they think EMC is unsafe.
  4. Well all EMC does is get the payment you make with paypal and you get your supporter for a month. Works as simple as that. I'd also say if you look through the members list there are plenty of supporters. Some people even have it on multiple accounts.
  5. PayPal is used as an intermediary so that EMC can't possibly see or store any sensitive information.
  6. Ok..... Thanks
  7. I have seen alot of communitys in mc and even by the design of this website you can understand how professional and safe it is. If you think a community with 35k members 10 smp servers is unsafe, what would you think for a 1 server 100 member community which you pay via paypal and then the owner sets you 'vip' manually ?

    Ps: you can always contact paypal to have a refund. Please make sure you know how paypal works.