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  1. is there anyway i can donate with out a credit card ie a vise prepaid?
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  2. Yes, all you have to do is register it with a Paypal account. Here is how:

    1. Open your Web browser and sign in to your PayPal account.
    2. Hover your mouse over "Profile" in the bar across the top of the screen just under the blue tabs and click "Add/Edit Credit Card/Update Cards" from the listed options.
    3. Click the "Add a Card" button and enter your card information. Select your billing address if it's listed or select "Add a New Billing Address" and input your new billing address in the provided fields.
    4. Click the "Add Card" button.
    5. Add the card
    If you are still stuck here is a video:
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  3. thanks im going to go get a prepaid visa card and donate :)
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  4. Anytime ;)
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  5. wow you replied like instantly
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  6. If you notice his signature that's probably why.
  7. true and im addicted to stareing at your signature :p
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  8. As am I xD
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  9. whered you get it?
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  10. I tool it from someone's sig.
  11. stole*
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