Donating Without Credit Card?

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  1. Hey,
    I was wondering if I could do a 1 Time payment of £15 so I could get Silver for months, then stop.
    I want to do his without a Credit Card though, because my Mum wont let me :(
  2. Sorry we currently only do credit cards / PayPal (you can use a bank account with PayPal instead of a CC I think). Taking payments online this is the only sane way to do it to provide protection for both you and us. The only other alternative I could think of is pay by phone but I looked into that and it is way too much work and more than half of the payments end up getting reversed after a month or two.
  3. another "option" that you can try is to get your parents to get you a reloadable money card|prepaid debit/checkcard. Most Grocery stores, banks and major business tend to offer these. It is best to find one that does not charges monthly maintenance cost.
  4. Try a prepaid Visa, paypal accepts them and you could get diamond for up to 5 months if you got a one hundred dollar card.
  5. Great tips everyone, I didn't know PayPal accepted the pre paid cards :)
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  6. Actually, most prepaid cards wont work with paypal, because they don't give you an option to put in your address, which paypal needs. If you are going to get one, get the one that says greendot, they are guaranteed to work.
  7. which are offered at places that I listed and don't require monthly maint. charges
  8. Thanks for these Suggestions, i'll ask them on money... My Grandparents are round, not a bad thing though, I get my new computer :p Hope to cya again some time with a Donation membership of some sort!
  9. Or get a visa debit card, it is a normal eftpos card that acts like a credit card when you make an online payment :)
  10. Yeah you guys are right, any with an address is good and you can get them at any of those places, just didn't want him to buy the wrong ones that hardly work on anything and end up buying 100$ worth of riot points on league of legends like i did.