Donating and It's Benefits

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  1. Currently I wish to support Empire Minecraft with $10 so I can become a gold memeber.

    My Questions are:

    1. How can I only pay this for one month INSTEAD of monthly.
    2. Also if I can buy it for one month, at the end of that month, do I lose my daily rupee bonus and my extra plot??

    This would be nice to know seemings how I want to open a shop, and the more space the merrier :).

    If you want to check out the soon to be one of the largest shops in the Empire, SMP4, 9117.

  2. YOu can set up the subscription then cancel it to have it only one month. You DO lose your rupees bonus and you DO NOT lose your extra res, but Justin will soon implement something that makes you lose it, currently you don't.
  3. Say I was to go do this in the next 10 minutes then cancel it for 1 month. Once Justin implements this, would I lose that res then, or would I still own it?
  4. By the way - it says that you can donate for a lower amount the $5 but what benefits does that have???
  5. No, because your susbscription is paid up for that month. Once that month runs out and you revert back to Non-Supporter, then your extra Res is at risk but you'll be warned before that happens probably.

    You can donate to buy Rupees:

    All you get for your less than $5 is an amount of Rupees paid once into your account.
  6. If you become a supporter then cancel the subscription immediately, you will recieve the full month of benefits, and after the month is up your status will revert back to a regular member, but you will still keep the second res until a system is implemented regarding the reclaimation of additional lots. Your rupee bonus and saved login slot will be lost also as soon as your month is up, but you can always resupport and cancel for another month. :p