Donate to the EMC Minecraft Museum, coming to SMP4!

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  1. Hello! If you don't know me, I am hashhog3000 (that actually should've been pretty obvious, but whatever) and I have begun the construction of the EMC Minecraft Museum. This Museum will explore many different components of Minecraft, along with a few bonus things, like a room focusing on EMC and another room focusing on player heads. So far, I have only built a couple of rooms and have started a third, but if you wish to take look and the kind of stuff I will be building, you can find the Museum on res 8961 on Smp4. So (for anybody who is new to EMC and still getting the hang of commands) just go on Smp4 and type either /v 8961 or /v hashhog3000. If you like what you see, good! I will be adding many more rooms and will also be adding other things in my res as well, including a shop, a small hotel, and a racetrack, though the museum will be the main attraction here. So, if you like what you see, please donate! Both items and rupees will be accepted. I set up a little temporary donation area close to the spawn that can be used for items. Here is a list of the things that the Museum needs most:

    Sandstone (Seriously, I need tons of this stuff)
    Wood of all types, though a lot of oak especially (I'll be using this to build some rooms)
    Flower Pots (These will be useful in certain exhibits)
    Redstone (This is lower priority, as this would be used only a bit for the museum and more for the racetrack, and, as I have already mentioned, the museum is first priority here)
    Glowstone (Lighting, of course!)
    Player Heads (I only have like, seven heads at the moment, and if we are going to have an exhibit on player heads, we need a LOT of player heads!)
    Wool of all Colors
    Carpet of all Colors (Or just donate more wool. :))
    Diamond Shovels
    Cobblestone (lower priority)
    Coal/Charcoal (lower priority)
    A bit of Quartz (blocks or crystals, probably won't need too much)
    And of course, Rupees!

    So, that's the list of the main things that will be needed, but any donations other than dirt (don't really need that at the moment :p) will be accepted. If you donate anything, whether rupees or items, please private message me so that I can include you in a donation wall somewhere. Thanks for anyone who chooses to donate, and even if you don't, please visit the museum!

    Here are a couple of screenshots.

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  2. Ok, ok. On August 14th, 2013 (one week!) every person who donated a player head to me will be put into a lotto to win 1000 rupees.
  3. Alright. I am bumping this, again. I feel that this project could have potential, but I cannot do this alone. Some people have already expressed interest, but they are a very small number. I recently noticed a thread that described a project in about a sentence and asked for donations. They were given plenty of help. I have nothing against this, but I am wondering why I am not getting even a post. It occurred to me rather quickly that people are not interested in a project like the one I am planning. Therefore, I would like to open up this thread to suggestions, criticisms, ideas, etc. Please, give me everything you've got! :) I really do want to make this a good, community-friendly experience.
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  4. I will donate head tonight :3 Seems your lOtto is rather... empty? Nice idea :) (As in the museum)
  5. I'll get you my head for you.
  6. Thanks all, you should have seen it when the lotto had one person. :p I am extending the lotto by a week, for all those who are a bit busy to go cliffdiving for their head right now. :)
  7. Ok, this is a bump! Here are a list of rooms that will be included in the museum. These are not all the rooms, just a taste of what I will be doing. Rooms in green are already added, rooms in yellow are in construction, and rooms in red will be added. Again, there will be more rooms than what you see on the list.

    Golems: Made to Serve
    Life in the Swamp
    Wood and its Origin
    Deep in the Nether
    At the Farm
    The Players of EMC
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  8. Did you donate your head? I didn't see it in the pool.
  9. We have three people in the raffle, and time is almost up! Donate your head to enter, you still would have fairly good odds! Also, I have a model of the racetrack I will be building. I will upload some pics soon!
  10. i can donate my head but sadly not tonight :(
  11. Ive had the same idea for along time but mine is already being made, Mine is for EMC exclusive/rare/unique items
  12. Yes, my museum has already begun to form, but mine is not just EMC stuff. There will, however, be an EMC Room. :)
  13. A Reluctant Bump.
  14. For some reason I couldn't edit the old post, so I deleted it and replaced it with this one. Here are the people in the lotto so far!

    1. antecedency
    2. vMCjewel
    3. Lewi_Lee_Smith
    4. Sloan32

    For those of you who said you would donate your head, there are 3-4 days left! If you wish to donate your head, please do so in that time, but if you will donate your head but are currently occupied for the next few days, please private message me your reason and I will mark you down in the lotto as long as I receive your head within five days of the lotto's end. Thank you!
  15. Ok, time to draw the winner.

    And the winner is... drumroll please... Lewi_lee_smith!
    I will pay you as soon as I get online. Thank you all for donating!
  16. Will this have stories of real events, or will those be on the thread part of the Museum if it exists? I can explain some events, such as the Dragon Eggs (retrieval, theft, sale), the Biospheres (construction, downfall, resurrection), April Fools 2012 (Green_Mystery, we miss you!), etc.
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  17. Your museum is so awesome hashhog3000! I'll definitely donate my head if the lotto is still going on, well I may as well either way but still it is really cool so far! I love the slime section the most btw, really the whole swamp one.
  18. This is going to be cool, Well... imma think about this head thing...