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  1. Ive been working on a idea to do on emc then i decided ill do a mega mall but i need donations rupees would be awesome and i also acepet stone,glass and also chest so plz come
  2. Really? Wow.

    *Smacks computer*
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  4. Stfu Luke just shut up nobody was talking to u
  5. wow, that was quick to vinegar :(
  6. Diamond supporters don't need donations, this is a scam.
  7. no body is talking to me? well uhhh right now i was just talking to the list of people Gavin Butch Gage Victor Jimmy Marky Santino
  8. Yes, I want to donate to a Mega Mall, in which I get no return, and there are already roughly 6(That I PERSONALLY know of - sure there are more) in game, so there is plenty of competition...

    No turn out, no return, no point...

    telling people to "stfu" isn't very nice, beggar.
  9. Dude he is my cousin
  10. Have fun good for u sure
  11. When you ask for donations, give us a reason. I personally will go out of my way not to donate if I see posts like this.

    Ok, the idea's been done. That's fine, it's minecraft, and everyone ends up repeating ideas to some extent, and it might have difference, but you've got to tell us what those are.

    Why should we, the consumers of you're mall and the investors in the building, give you our rupees for the property. What do we gain? What can we expect?

    If you want donations, you've got to do more than make a post begging for them, all that's going to do is hurt your business.
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  12. The donations are for a huge mall on emc so ppl could buy their supplys
  13. That is no incentive for anyone to donate to you - nothing NEW about that, or DIFFERENT in any way... The Donators for this get nothing? and if you've got supplies, sell some then you don't need donations... easy as that.
  14. point made clear.
  15. We have enough giant malls...Stop begging.