Donate glass for a huge project

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Liasen, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Hi:)
    I'm making a huge project at my residence, I can't tell you what it is yet;)
    But I need tons of glass, so please donate:)
    My residence number is 1039;)
  2. Another beg thread..
  3. Really, put more information in it....
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  4. Why dont u get (earn) sand ;)
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  5. I am earning glass, I have bought glass for 1000 rupees and it's not even close!! So when I have the rupees I buy, and then I go out in the wild to get some so I still need more glass. That's why I want some people to donate I'm not saying you have too I'm just asking.
  6. I'm not begging just asking!!
  7. Ok, I'm building like a glass cube all the way up to the clouds and then I'm gonna fill the cube with water and have glass domes in the water so people can live there and buy things! Then in the underground I'm also gonna make a huge project but that will be a secret untill it's done.
  8. Oh, that sounds Awesome! :D I think you need many glass for that ;) Pateraterick got a selling thread for glass, maybe look that up? :)
  9. Thanks, tell me if you know someone selling glass cheapely?
  10. No, sorry
  11. Ok, thanks anyway:)
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  12. #JackBiggin
  13. You're asking for items, for free. Isn't that the definition of begging?

    See rules, "Do not beg for items".
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  14. :rolleyes:
  15. OMG!! When can I get some positive feedback?! Begging is like "oh please, please, please give me a diamond" I'm just asking. A lot of other players have asked for people to donate and all you are like " Nice I would love to donate" but when I came you are all like "No...."
  16. Please stop bringing me down,
  17. Please stop begging
  18. -.-
  19. Well... this project is gonna take a while.. so.. see ya..
  20. Maybe you should start the project first... then if you run out of items... you can ask for donations. That would show progress wouldn't it? :p
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