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  1. I need a ton of dirt at 3425 on smp2. I have 5 Donation chests set up for you to sell to.
  2. I can help xD
  3. You want people to just GIVE you dirt? What, do you think we're made of money? :p
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  4. I am filling up giant rooms on one of my reses that house farms. I do not need these farms anymore, and i need quite a lot of dirt to fill the rooms.
  5. Alright, I'll see if I have dirt that I didn't burn in lava.
  6. lol, never burn your dirt, donate it to me or the dirt vault on smp1
  7. If Torian see this, your on her "no no" list automaticlly :p
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  8. Mine too
  9. lol, all the chests are full, i will post when i need more :p
  10. need dirt buddy go to smp9 iamkhatru 4 just down the stairs :D
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