[Donate] 18028 Mega Mall

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  1. Hey People of Empire Minecraft.

    As some of you know I have been building a Mega Mall at 18028 Planning to Sell Loads of items Such as

    • Every Color of wool
    • Building Materials
    • Ores and Ingots
    • Potions
    • Nether and End Supply
    • Enchanted items.
    But i dont want any of that yet I need building materials to finish of the Construction of the mega Mall it is made of Gold and Iron Blocks I have spent over 100k and I still need more iron and gold to finish it off.

    Where to donate? At the center of the Mega Mall /v 18028 and walk straight forward and you will notice it straight away.

    Here are some pics 2014-02-21_17.15.56.png 2014-02-21_17.15.56.png 2014-02-21_17.16.11.png 2014-02-21_17.15.56.png 2014-02-21_17.15.59.png


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