Doing Odd Jobs

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  1. I can do any job from clearing a res, to building the Empire State Building
    Prices will be given when job has been specified
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  2. 1r for 1000000m r
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  3. no
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  4. how much for res clearing?
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  5. Yeah... How much for res clearing?
  6. probably 1k for clearing a res
  7. Ehh... Thanks fair :3
  8. Can you dig?
    Just a lot of dirt.
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  9. Just if you were diamond.... BLOW TEH RES UPS!!!!! :3
  10. When you say 'clear' a res, are you talking about excavating all dirt? or leveling everything above level 65?

    lol 1 unbreaking 3 diamond shovel will clear ~1.5 DC's of dirt (5184 blocks). Out of a 60 x 60 x 65 area of (234k blocks), that is just over 45 shovels. How much does it cost to repair a shovel 45 times?

    Kells repair service charges 400r for level 30 repair + 65r for the diamond. Which IMO is cheap.

    45 Diamonds, + 45 x level 30 repair = 45 x 465 = 21k just in repairs.

    Blah... just thought i'd throw that out there.