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  1. Hey all, as the title says, im trying to increase my ammount of rupees by doing jobs fo anyone. Id appreciate if the jobs weren't supplying mass recources. Im mainly lookig for anything that can be done within an hour (thought its not a requirement).
    Please message me with a job and a rough price that we'll negotiate on.


  2. I'd like to hire you for something.

    I need a skeleton dungeon on utopia. Not a grinder, just a dungeon. I would like it to be out ~500-1000 blocks out. please just find it, and light it up sufficiently. I would like to keep the chests (with items inside) and mossy cobble.

    I will pay you 2k. (sorry if that's not enough, I honestly don't know how much these things go for.)
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  3. ill do my best, 2k seems alright.
  4. Melk, I'm looking for people to help me work existing farms (wood, wool and stone, mainly) to stock up my shop on smp8. You could do as much or as little as you like, terms negotiable. PM me if you're interested.
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  5. I have a job in the nether you could do... Pm me if you want details ^-^
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  6. I don't need this anymore. TehSpiderz found me one. Sorry. :(
  7. aww, :( I found a double one, but ok, ill auction it off maybe if your not interested.
  8. You found a double skelly spawner on Utopia? I'm very interested in purchasing the location if you did. O.O
  9. yes i certainly did. since it is a double spawner, within 1000 blocks either way of spawn and im very low on r, im not really too sure on dungeon pricing either.
  10. also found 2 seperate spider ones if anyone is interested. not too epic though :)
  11. I'll give you 8k for the double skeley site.
  12. sure :) I cant do it tonight so ill send you a PM first thing tomorrow
  13. OK, or I can just pay you now and pm me the coords if you've got them. I can make my own way out there. I'll pay now regardless :D

    EDIT: payed
  14. For todays bump forcast, we have forseen light jobs coming in from the east, aswell as a heavy job coming into the town of Melk'ville
  15. Hey, I was wondering if you could dig out a little bit of my res? Its barely a 30 minute job. I will pay you 1k for it

    EDIT: Also if you can find a spawner on smp1 and you cna make a grinder out of it, I will pay you in money or enchanted items: You make the price.
  16. Everyone should hire Melk cause he's rad and efficient ^-^

    (And he's got a cool accent ;3 )
  17. Hmmm, I could use someone to find me a spawner (skelly) single or double is fine and on utopia please. If you can ill pay whatever they go for nowadays.
  18. Amused do you want it for drops or xp?
  19. dropz :p