Doing 250r lvl 30 Enchants

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  1. I will enchant any pick/axe/shovel/sword at lvl 30 for 100r.
    Please expect 5 hrs-7 days for EACH item to be completed depending on order intake.
    ADDED Item Limit: 10 of each type of tool/armor

    *NOTE* YOU will supply the item to be enchanted NOT me.

    I will not steal items to people that worry about this. Thats basically asking to get myself banned, and i love emc so you will not have to worry about the stealing of items.
    For proof ask cc1222fred or shade554 i have done enchants on their items and they had no problems.

    Now enchanting armor!!
  2. I had this exact idea about 10 mins ago! :p
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  3. I like this idea. I think you should bump it up to 500-1000 though. I mean. It is like a gamble. Haha. :p
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  4. thats the point i have tons of extra xp so i figured to come up with a way to get rid of it
  5. if i get too many orders i will bump up the price but for not ill see if i can get some orders
  6. Is there a limit to how many items?
  7. nope :) but it might take longer to complete the order
  8. Are u gonna order like 100 of each tool
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  9. Possibly.

    I will take 10 picks and 10 swords.
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  10. ok if u can give me 1 pick at a time or 1 sword i can do enchants right now (give me all and ill lose them)
  11. I am not able at the moment to get on if you use your own materials I will pay extra.
  12. like 120r a pick? and 80r a sword?
  13. That works with me! Let me know when they are done ;)
  14. Also if you don't mind I will bump up my order to 30 picks and 30 swords.
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  15. lol wow because of u i will be practically living in my grinder for the next month
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  16. I have an order 10 Picks so thats 1000r
  17. Could I get a specific enchant? If so 5 eff V diamond shovels(Unb if possible). If you could get 5 of an Unbreaking III diamond pick with eff 4-5 as well that would be awesome. You name the price.

    EDIT: I will have a chest at the front of the res. The items will be in there I will pay you when you have taken the items from the chest. The res is smp3, 6189.
  18. Hey can I get around 100,000 picks enchanted?
    *all jokes aside I will take 100*
    So we meet up tomorrow on smp1?
  19. 100...enchanted..picks?
  20. i am acually gone today so i will resume all orders tomorrow sry