Dogs and cats spawn 64 get 5 not 64

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  1. As we all now their is an ongoing issue with cats and dogs
    I get my rupees mostly from farming cats at the moment which is extremely important for supplying me building resources.
    Recently I have eggifyed a few adults loosing count of numbers I needed to restart the batch of cats with a easy to record max production number so I eggifyed the last lot without knowing the problem was not yet solved.
    So when I spawned 64 new ones ( tamed as well ) they vanished I was left with 5 after taking my eyes of them for a min
    I think this is a much ignored glitch and needs to be sorted out if not now in the next emc update / debug
    thank you for reading my concerns and I hope this gets sorted out soon
  2. I've heard of this issue before, does /entcount state that there is only 5 or all 64? The issue that happened to me is that they would teleport to pockets between walls and holes in the ground. If you have any of those, they may be bunching up for for an unknown reason. If entcount does state 5, the bug is despawn issue, if states all 64, you have cats in your walls.
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  3. Don't know if it's the same issue that My_Dads_An_Ape is having, but I've noticed that when I use (right-click) an ocelot egg on an existing cat, it produces a new cat (rather than ocelot) as expected, however that cat seems to despawn when I leave the res (I've checked with /entc) as if it were an ocelot. I haven't noticed any such despawning problems for cats that were manually tamed or bred from other cats (only the teleporting issue Roslyn mentioned).
  4. it happens if there taimed or not and i did taim them but it's commanly a problem not just for me
  5. What does /entc say?