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  1. Is there a way to get your dog to follow you through the town portal, so that you can have him in your residence.
  2. No, sadly :(
  3. lame The Empire needs to fix that and make it so Your dog and soon cat take no damage from players. or make it so that dogs can kill the players quickly to keep people from killing them
  4. Yeah my wolves always get murdered
  5. yes my minecraft is still open while im on this forum and two people have tried killing it while i am standing there :(
  6. well they killed it while i was on the forum :(
  7. If wolves could kill players it would be classed as pvp basically, as he is protecting you, so essentially he is killing on your behalf. You can certainly purchase wolves in town though, and even find some randomly spawned (very rare though). I believe in the next update wolves will be able to breed like cows/pigs/chickens, and i am sure it will not take some players long to begin breeding and selling them. :)
    If you see someone killing your animals, take a screenshot of them in the action of killing them and send it in to a moderator in a private convo here on the site.
  8. you wont be able to breed and sell them, because they have to be tame first, and once they are born, they are tamed... to the original tamer.. just thought i would point that out before people started stock piling wolves for no reason.
  9. Oh that sucks, I assumed they would be born free, not into a life of captivity, silly me. :(
    Maybe Justin or bukkit could find a way around this.
  10. yeah as of the snapshot i have played, they are born already tame, similiar to how sheep are born with already colored wool

    cool fact tho, also following the likeness to the wool,
    if you have two wolves tamed by diff people and mate them (which you can do) it will at random choose its owner out of the two.