Does this count as a bannable offence?

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  1. Will you get banned if you make a fort or tower thing and put a lava bed around it and someone tryed to come across and fell in.. would I get in trouble for that?

    P.S I have no done this just want to double check if this is o.k
  2. I only think you could get banned if you hid the lava or pushed someone into the lava.
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  3. I wouldn't think so. I don't blame the world when I clumsily fall in a natural lava pool.
  4. If you lured them in yes if they accidentally fell in probably not.
  5. So if I sat at my tower watching them trying to get across, would that count as louring? xP lol
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  6. Only if you told them you had puppies, that would be a horrible way to kill people, think of the poor puppies trapped inside!
  7. I would say no, this is taking it from face value. If there is other factors involved - including but not limited to taunting, luring, or other form of pvp. Could potentially change the result.
  8. Only if you tell them that there are diamonds in the lava.
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  9. Who could resist the urge troll them while upon such a mighty pedestal?
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  10. lol omg you read my mind xP
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  11. Maybe put some "Beware. The lava may bite!" signs near it ;)
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  12. I don't know about it being a bannable offense, but I bet you could make lots of rupees by charging entry to the viewing area :p
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  13. It is not a bannable offence. I had a mob grinder, and I had a lava trap (fake door lever) Asked a mod. He didn't know, so he asked ICC or someone else higher up. And they said it was ok for the hidden lava trap. Story ends, my mob trap gets griefed anyways.
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  14. That's a marvellous idea! I should make one of these and do exactly that!
  15. Thanks Stads :D
  16. No problem! Next time please don't reveal my super sneaky grey text! :p
  17. I think it's player's fault if he see player-made building, constructure, enters it and die. It's none of his/her bussiness to be walking around there.
    But just in case, you can put "Restricted area, please leave" sign or something like that.