does the new launcher have a .exe file?

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  1. I have to use this convoluted proxy setup to get minecraft to work on my work network. So basically I have a proxy setup and then I have a batch file that opens up minecraft.exe with some parameters I have setup. This worked perfectly when I had the 1.5.x .exe file on my desktop but with this new launcher when I point it to the new .exe the launcher part works fine but when it loads the actual minecraft window it can't reach the servers.

    Any ideas how to get this to work? I imagine the launcher .exe file is launching something else on the backend but I can't find it.
  2. yeah the current launcher is actually a stub, that then checks online to see if there is a new launcher, downloads/uncompresses it then launches a different .jar

    there is a launcher.lzma in the folder that i think can also be a .jar (default launcher cleans this up I believe?)

    I tried to snoop the source to understand it and then saw this magic, the one you download is only a downloader essentially.

    For custom parameters, you have to set those up in your profile on the launcher itself.
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  3. I would try to help you but you would have to translate this to english XD
  4. by god it worked! I totally missed that java argument section of the profile setup.

    now to play some EMC instead of working
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  5. Wut was all that.
  6. Yes is has an .exe file. To me, it's much easier to get into minecraft, because with this horrible laptop I'm using, it helps a lot, because it is faster to get in for me. :)
  7. I understood what Aikar was saying.
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