Does Planetminecraft use Malware?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by WolfThunderblade, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Ok, so I was just doing my daily voting for EMC, and I voted on Planetminecraft, and I got this error message:

    Is this just my computer or something? Should I be alarmed? Should I ignore it and vote anyways?

    Please tell me what you think about this.
  2. I would not ignore that...
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  3. Uhm I don't get any warnings or errors and lol at the thief coming through the screen.
  4. Well i get the same thing...
  5. I got the same thing for Pmc and Emc =/
  6. I voted earlier and it was fine. Planetmincraft is probably just having some problems right now.
  7. It'll be the adverts setting it off again. My EMC profile got flagged with it due to the PMC part of my signature (now removed).
  8. Yup, its ads. Imgur just got flagged for me >.>
  9. This isn't the first time this has happened because of the ads...
  10. Ok, so Planet Minecraft just put up the warning: If you are seeing a malware warning, Google flagged one of the ad networks serving a bad ad. We've disabled ads until they resolve the issue and Google can review / remove the warning.
  11. This is the second time I've encountered it. I hope they don't have to do like last time and shut down accounts and then make you change your password.