Does *inactive* redstone cause lag?

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  1. I know active red stone causes lag, but I'm curious about circuitry that isn't powered. I know things like item frames cause lag. So i'm curious if its the power or the item itself when in comes to red stone.
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  2. Yes there's two different types of redstone, static and ones that store data.

    static redstone: redstone dust, repeaters, torches, levers, rails, lamps

    ones that store data: comparators, hoppers, sticky pistons, pistons, droppers, and dispensers

    hoppers, droppers, and dispensers are container devices, that need to know the information of the items inside them

    sticky pistons and pistons need to know what block is next to them to determine if they can be pushed or pulled

    comparaters store power level

    the static redstone don't change unless they are forced to change by the block next to them...
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  3. Thank you, So let me make sure I'm using this info correctly: If I were to build two drop party floors on one residence, I could leave the redstone dust, repeaters and lever down, and store the comparator (edit: hoppers) and dispensers from one to reduce event lag while using the other?
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  4. Well it depends on the chunk loaded - if it's out of most people's range it won't fire the redstone on to trigger the dispensers.... but if at least one person is standing there it should...

    if the 'stored data' items are just sitting there not triggering it still causes partial lag - because of the constant check to see if they're being triggered or have any data within them.... but it causes less lag just sitting there than when it's being fired on and off.

    Separating them 'could' help ... but if you're having to separate them using a long chain of hoppers, it would be better to just store the items in a chest above the droppers and dispensers and pull them down to the dropper/dispenser using 1 hopper (or 3 to make a chest splitter) ....cause having a bunch of hoppers is what causes the most lag usually.
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  5. Good information again, thanks a bunch. I just have the one hopper above each on the current build (# 5409 on utopia.. underground through any hole if you want to check it out.) I just have more than one idea for drop party ideas, and want to reduce my chance of lag wherever possible. Ill only ever be running one at a time though, so i just needed to know which items I could store away when not in use, and which items I could leave down to keep my layout. your information has been a great help.
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