Does Freedom of Speech even exist?

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  1. So I just realised that I got banned from the Maplestory forums for voicing my own opinion that Nexon America uses boilerplate responses to answer their support tickets without answering their support tickets. At the same time, I mentioned reporting them to the Better Business Bureau for false advertising and taking money for services unrenderable in their current coding. Although their code of conduct states that you are aloud to voice your own opinion, but apparently by calling them out on their faults, it violates their codes of conduct. So basically Nexon [Communist] America says you are aloud your own opinion unless you criticize us. Wouldn't that be a violation of freedom of speech, if such a right even exists anymore?
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  2. Or did that international internet censorship treaty get signed? o,o
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  3. Freedom of speech has not existed in years. Back during the Cold War merely stating you were a communist could get you n serious trouble. In the 70s going to a Vietnam War protest rally would probably end in tear gas. Also I did not realize Maplestory was still a thing; I have not played that in years.
  4. I could've told you that. I have about 76 forum bans and 6 different ip bans from Nexon.
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  5. Ive Been Banned From Many Forums And Had Ip Bans
  6. I don't use the forums for Maple Story much. I would check them every now and then but it was always the same, people complaining about the game. I do hate their trouble ticket thing how does it take two years to reply to someone? I think some of the prices in the cash shop are outrageous, I only spent enough to change my hair and face on some of my characters and to get pets to pick up items.

    I used to play for hours on end when I first started but then it all started going majorly downhill. I played with my sister recently, I think we started last summer, made a guild after coming back etc. We formed an alliance with our friends and then added members to our guild. We had a good thing going and then it was ruined with their schedule of
    • Monday: take game down and fix this but also at the same time break this.
    • Tuesday: Nobody can log in but we'll just sit here for about six hours staring at the wall. We'll fix that eventually.
    • Wednesday: Error was fixed for four hours, now happening again. We'll wait about three more hours then fix it then take the game down for maintenance.
    • Thursday: Brought game up for twenty minutes, took it back down for teh lulz.
    • Friday: We've been fixing issues with the game, we're sorry. Here's an awesome reward that you should receive when you log in then lose because you crashed right after.
    It got to the point nobody was able to get on. I also hated their change they did that changed the levels of mobs and whatnot so that I then had to redo half of the 500 quests I already completed. (I was going for that 800 quests medal, that's how I know the number.)
  7. Psst, I'm the spelling and grammar police. You made a mistake, its not "aloud" its "allowed". :)
  8. Well to justify my bans. Anyone who might have in the last few years who went on the Nexon forums( mostly Combat Arms) should know the story about the forum mod named Stonegold. This mod was a tyrant who banned people for the smallest things. A clannie and I took many bans to get our point across. The best part is it worked. After he proved he couldn't keep with 2 dedicated trolls he got transferred to a different part within the company where he didn't interact with the players. We also got a much nicer forum mod then. Even if I could no longer play the game, I was glad to do my part.
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