Does Empire Minecraft need a Council?

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Does Empire Minecraft need a Council?

Yes, I believe there is a need for a council 2 vote(s) 28.6%
No, I think they just want my money for something i can do on my own 2 vote(s) 28.6%
I have no opinion at this time 3 vote(s) 42.9%
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  1. Ok so as of late i have seen allot of players say that if u want to go somewhere in minecraft you need to pay the council to go there or we will destroy it for everyone. In my opinion this game isn't a kind that needs a council. If you look at other MMOs you will understand why they do. How ever it seems the only reason this group of players wants to be this select few is to steal our hard earned money and grief with out consequence. It hasn't got the game into an Uproar yet but give it time it could happen. I would be interested in what other players think on this matter
  2. does this include like a government.. if so then i choose no because rupees are sorta hard to get these days we don't need minecraft "taxes" so sorry =\
  3. yeah pretty much
  4. They're saying what?!? lol

    ...yeah, if that's the purpose of any kind of "council" it's totally corrupt and has no place here.

    Sounds pretty much like an attempt at extortion to me... if that's indeed what they're saying.
  5. i do think that if this game does decide to go that direction it cant be player chosen it needs to be done by justin and the staff no one else
  6. i own the minecraft council, and i have never said you have to pay me to go in a area.

    i believe the land is everyone's, so do the indians. then people push the indians out of their land and make them pay to go back on it. thats sad. i would fight against that, not enforce it
  7. i didn't think anyone could "own" a council? Isn't a council suppose to be equal members?
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  8. We don't need a government on the server to mess it up we want one that is free and knows what he is doing! * thumbs up for justinguy* :D
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  9. except when u said if we want to use the end portal we need to pay the council

    and he claims ownership of it. is that what we need is someone who claims ownership over something that can effect the game. and who chose your members you from your own friends?
  10. i didnt say you had to pay, i said i dont like it when people go there because endstone is the only thing i sell because its worth alot. but its fair game, anyone who finds the portal can use it
  11. i honestly didnt care about the council i was just gunna let it be but when i saw you say we need to pay you to use the portal or it was to be destroyed thats when i got a little irritated.

    if you want to play council fine make it fair and don't be an extortionist no one will follow you. yeah i understand thats how you make money but saying pay or destroy it that's extreme i will point out tshack was not the one to say destroy it however was the one who said pay to use it
  12. today is not a good day, im dealing with a hate thread and now im being accused of subjecting people to payment to have access to an area?

    staff must have a hard job having to deal with hate threads and problem threads.....
    and still have to deal with in-game issues....
    i say thanks to all our staff
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  13. Just to set the record straight. No one can charge you to access any area in the Wilderness or Nether. Inside of your res you can charge for things if you please (such as roller coasters).

    It is fine if groups of friends want to get together and form "councils" or "clans" or whatever the name is :) It is not fine if what they do has a neative impact on other players or groups.
  14. thanks justin, and also, could you tell gokouzwar (is that his name?) that he cannot claim land in the wild, hes throwing fits because people greifed and stole from him in the wild. hes saying nobody can come on "his land" in the wild.

    sheesh, your job is hard! i hope it gets easier instead of harder
  15. Although you cannot claim land in the Wild it is still against the rules to destroy others structures and steal:
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  16. tshack i dont hate you i was irritated about the whole situation i read if you want to form a council with your friends thats your choice just dont try to rule over the game. i try to get along with everyone. (less enemy's that way lol) if you want to keep the location of said portal secret that's your choice. no one can stop you from that. you put the work into finding it and i respect that i just do want to spend days finding it to find out it was destroyed by you or one of your guys because of greed.
  17. i know, but hes getting all angry because people stole things from "his land"

    im just getting very angry and since im not staff or a person with much power, only you or other staff could end this, so please help
  18. it wasnt him that got stuff stolen from him it was someone else. and with a project that has taken someone a few weeks to get as far as he did he doesnt want that person with the rage coming on and greifing him. how ever this is not the thread for this discussion.
  19. i know, i agree it is wrong, i will keep this on his thread and try to stop it like i have been since this morning.
  20. I never saw the Council as anything other than a group of players banding together in order to have fun together while at the same time acquire rare or "risky" loot in greater quantities and in a safer way. The "government"-like structure and application forms thread are more tongue-in-cheek than genuine serious business imho, even if tshack seems uptight strict about it at first glance.
    Any project of sorts requires some good organization, look at Gokouzwar (who is also very serious and strict about his monumental project).

    [Moderators can remove the following part if inappropriate]

    PS: Altair, if you really REALLY want to find the portal (because I suppose you asked about its whereabouts and not whether you could actually use it), the ultra-cheap way to do it is to take the wild's world seed, generate a world in creative mode, and spam the eyes of ender. (but it's just not fun. The "MC wiki, live map, Lady Luck" method I used is much more rewarding)
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