does anyone want to buy enchanted diamond pickaxe effieciancy IV and unbreaking III

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want to buy enchanted pickaxe???

? 6 vote(s) 100.0%
? 4 vote(s) 66.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. diamonds pick for sale with efficiency IV and unbreaking III for sale for highest bid
  2. i alredy have an offer of 1000 so ucan have it for 1.5k??? and what server are u on?:)
  3. I'll buy it for 2,000 on SMP3. :)
  4. ok crazy if u pay 2.5 its yourse and i wont give it to any higer bids???:)
  5. oh sorry i didnt think about that i said u could buy it for 2k its yourse for 2k but i will have to give it to u tomorrow i am on smp1
  6. ill pay 3k!
  7. i pay 5k!
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  8. ok you are right now leading the auction i will wait 3 hours and if no one has given higer bid its yours orion666:) and btw do u watch chuck???:)
  9. hell yeah, chuck pwns :D
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  10. yes it is really awsome!!! :D
  11. orion u can have youre pickaxe now if u want
  12. im currently busy im going on a party Soo maybe tomorrow if its okay?
  13. i accedentaly upgraded my minecraft so i cant login right now but if u still want to buy pickaxe u just have to wait a little bit longer i am going to try and fix it sry for the delay :)
  14. Of course i am! i went to party yesterday ;p and now i got school :p
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  15. 6k

    Oh nvm, tho 5k is really cheap for this pick
  16. lmao the auction is finishedxD