Does anyone play any music?

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  1. I was thinking about this earlier, and I was wondering if anyone played music. I myself have had an... interesting music life, to say the least. :) Just tell us all what instrument(s) you play here in this thread! Can't wait to hear it! Here's my music story:

    When I was younger, I played cello. For one year. Then I quit.
    The next year, I switched to string bass. It was slightly more awesome than cello. Well, for one year. Then I quit.
    After that, I went from orchestra to band and played baritone. Pretty epic. Then the tuba quit.
    The next year, I quit baritone and became tuba. I also joined jazz band as valve trombone, which was basically a baritone in disguise.
    The next year I quit the valve trombone in jazz band and became the one and only tuba in the jazz band that year. I've fallen in love with the tuba, and I've stayed on it every since. :D However, notice that for all that, I always stayed on the bass instruments. So I think I kind of knew what I wanted all along. :p
  2. Last year (5th grade) I joined band and played the baratone. (AMAZING instrument!) But a few days ago for christmas I got a drum set (BEST INSTRUMENT EVER!!). My lessons start later this month.
  3. I play piano, french horn, drums, etc...............
  4. I tried playing violin once, then the flute, then the clarinet, and then percussion. All failed though.
  5. I play the guitar. I got my first guitar (a Washburn acoustic) when I was 14. A little over a year later I purchased a Dean Vendetta from my brother, who thought he was going to learn how to play the guitar and never did.
  6. We used to call the valve trombone the baribone. 'Nuff said.
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  7. I play percussion in the school band, but I'm dropping out next term, due to loss of interest and a bad teacher, which makes the experience a lot less enjoyable. I'll probably pick up the guitar soon, so I still have something to play music with.
  8. I had guitar lessons at school when I was 8, and the guitar lessons stopped when I was 10. I got my first (probably my last >.>) guitar when I was 9, and I used it like, twice. I can't play the guitar... I did think about asking for an electric guitar for Christmas, but my mum would end up complaining about the noise and there'd be no point.

    I do music at school. Not because I want to, but because I have to until September, when I wipe it off my timetable when I do my GCSE options. We do keyboards... and, uh, that's it. I hate the teacher (he's a 70 year old man who needs to get into the 21st century and stop being a creep and retire), I hate keyboards, and I purposely fail the tests by not practicing.

    My target for this year is a 5a, and i'm currently a 3b :3 There's no chance of me getting anywhere near this target :p
  9. There is an instrument called a superbone, which has both a working slide and valves. :confused: Trombone and valve trombone hybrid? Pretty awesome.