Does anyone know a good free website maker?

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  1. I've been searching the web for some time to find a good free website maker that allows you to customize it yourself like what EMC runs on( I can't find out what it runs on) and I need it really bad cause I'm gonna start writing plugins and I want a home page. Please help.
  2. or

    - emc is run on xeferno or something
  3. webs is good one I use them loads
  4. me too. my friends have me manage their webs sites for their airsoft groups.
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  5. Ok I'll check it out :)
  6. Does it cost money or is there like a free tial? Cause I want it to be free for as long as I need it for
  7. Forever FREE! :D

    EDIT: Not all features are avaliable you can go premium witch is cheap and URL's are:
  8. Weebly
    Webs (really glitchy. Haven't used it since 2010)
    Wordpress (the best out of all the above)

    Joomla is good, my school uses it (
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  9. Wordpress is good,But the best is if you use a Webhost like and Upload Wordpress to it.Then you can have alot of Wordpress sites on one domain :)

    If anybody wishes to see it in action,Feel free to go to or is in swedish but its an good example of a wordpress site.

    Thestar19 is in english

    The best about having an own Wordpress host like is that I can change the code in any way I want plus I get an SQL database and alot of storage to host stuff for my Android apps :)
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  10. I also need a domain name for free cause I'm also gonna host a server. Thank you for all your responses it was a big help :)
  11. has free .tk domain names. also does free domains.

    Also, if you need to host a site for free, then are good.
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  12. Good luck with finding one of those.
    .tk is a good one, but once your domain expires, that domain becomes spam-itized.
  13. Amazing tip of the day: don't let it expire! ;)
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  14. I use a different site giving like:
    and MORE! :D
  15. Oh yeah, - I forgot to mention that one. :p
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  16. Thats the one :D

    Its doing maintance for the last couple of days so I cant make a new domain :/
  17. Anyothers I should know about or use?
  18. As previsly stated,I use
    Its only like 2 Euros a month,They have a good FTP thingy built in have a really awsome chat thingy where you can chat with support 24/7 :)
    Howewer,I am uncertain if you can use them if your not a citizen in Sweden,Denemark,Norway or finland :)
  19. You can use them in the UK. However, I've heard many bad reviews about cancelling with them, so they don't seem to be the best host ever.
  20. Yeah,you pay year vise so it sucks if you want to cancel it in the middle,But its cheap :)