Does any know of any custom Boss plugins?

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  1. Okay so I am working on a custom map for a prison server to allow inmate to find a way to escape the prison after a long and arduous journey, I want to have them defeat a custom Herobrine boss in the last chamber before they can leave and effectively "escape" the prison. Does anyone know of a plugin that allow me to program and implement this boss mob?
  2. sounds fun, but no idea.... would u give out the IP when your done??
  3. Im not allowed to advertise other servers on EMC.. It is against the rules.
  4. Why not just use a iron golem? Its a one hit kill if you arent careful, so it would be perfect
  5. I think he is inffering that people would PM you for it, and you can give out IP addresses through PMs
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  6. exactly :)
  7. I heard you like inferring, so I inferred whil you inferred so you can infer while you infer.
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  8. Because I have to write a custom code to this boss entity it to make it possible for the people defeat it to obtain the escaped prisoner rank. If I were to use an iron golem, the coding might give all of the wild iron golems the same qualities.. t-t
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  9. ya i would want to play this :p
  10. Can you give me the IP too?