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  1. Does a Nether Portal work likea normal nether portal if made in the wilderness?
    e.g; In single player if you make a Nether Portal then you teleport to a random place in the nether, if I make a nether portal in the wilderness on EMC will it act as a regular nether portal in single player or will it teleport me to the town spawn?
  2. well if you make a nether portal in EMC town world you will end up in nether spawn.
    If you walk in the wilderness for a while THEN make a nether portal you will end up in a place in the nether somehow equal to your coordinates in wild. I believe 1 block in the nether is equal to 8 blocks in the wilderness or something like that?

    hope I helped,
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  3. Thanks this helped heaps!
    but I don't understand how long you have to walk around for does it just have to be outside the periodic rest?
  4. well I guess you have to walk 8 times the amount in wild to be right outside of periodic reset :p
  5. I don't believe this is accurate, unless it's changed recently. If you make a portal in TOWN, you will be brought to the TOWN spawn. You can also place a sign under the portal with a res number or person's name on it, and the portal will then take you to that player's res instead.

    Portals in the wild work as normal - i.e. you make a portal in the WILD, and you will be brought to a corresponding place in the NETHER. Ninjaboy is right about the 1:8 ratios - the NETHER was kinda intended to be a form of fast-travel. Wiki is really detailed about how the portals work and where you will end up, if you want to read up on it.
  6. Also if you go through portal to the nether and re-entered the nether portal you can end up at a completely different portal to your original portal.
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  7. The Portals look for any other Portals in 'x' distance.

    So if you create a Portal in the Wild but at the relevant 1:8 ratio in the Nether, there is a Portal within the detect area, you will go to that Portal, which may mean you give away your secret village / project etc to someone by accident.

    If there are no Portals, it'll create one at 1:8 ratio in whichever map you put it in (Wild or Nether) and it'll create if it's in mid-air, a small platform around the base of it.
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  8. Yes this has happened when I found a portal there before!
  9. If your in the wilderness will the sign under the portal still work?
  10. I dont think so because it dosent work like that
  11. No it will not :)