Doctor Who TARDIS =D

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  1. In honor of official fish fingers and custard day (doctor who reference), I am pleased to announce the reveal of my new shop building at 3553. Unfortunately, the shop inside is not open yet, so in order to view, plz go to 3761 and look right =D 2012-04-03_16.00.16.png
  2. the dirt on the sides will be broken down soon
  3. Blckstn also builded one, on smp4. He has it floating above his castle ^^
  4. lol mine is bigger...didnt know there was another anywhere...

  5. Love it! Well done!
  6. Go dr who!
  7. so thats what all my dirt was used for :p
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  8. yeah, i had to keep everyone from seeing....
  9. My girlfriend is a huge Dr. Who fan, and thought this was awesome.
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  10. So am I, my bf hasnt gotten into it YET but he will....
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  11. I'm in love! how long did it take u to build it?
  12. The question is.......... Is it bigger on the inside than the outside?
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  13. the structure itself was three days...the inside is what took forever....
    and yes it seems bigger on inside lol
  14. I hope to see your res soon! :D
  15. UPDATE: the dirt has all been torn down so you can see all sides ;)
  16. that is awesome.
  17. Awesome Job!
  18. Thx guys I put a lot of time into the planning while I stocked up wool. It took a lot of time!
  19. okay...due to a giant lava thing next to my res, i am moving the front of the tardis to the other side so it might look like its still under construction for a bit
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