Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi

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  1. Peter Capaldi is the new doctor in Doctor Who, and it seems its not just the time the show's on that has changed. Many critics have critizized Capaldi, but we all know he's a good actor. This is the place for DWN (Doctor Who Nerds) to chat about what they think, even if it's not about the new doctor. So, anyone have an excuse for Capaldi's bad acting?
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  2. he's the doctor... he acts it differently i bet everyone hated even the 1st dr. when he first came out give him a chance i think he so funny :)
  3. Funny? Lol! You have a different way of putting if he's bad or not...
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  4. Confusing :confused:
  5. He he yeah, Capaldi just doesn't suit the doctor :/
  6. He will in timne its like Matt Smith i hated him until i saw the great stuff he did i didn't want him to go but Peter C. is good to follow as an old wiser version of matt.