do zombie pigmen spawn on rails

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  1. If the rails have three blocks above them, yes.
    However, if they are slabbed above (the slabs don't hurt you if you are in them) they won't spawn.
  2. so if i have this will they spawn

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  3. So yes, I believe they do. (or do the rails count as a block? I'm not sure)
  4. They do spawn, happens on my rail a lot, and it has the same spacing inside it.
  5. They will spawn on rails, but rails do not count as spawnable space.
    Over a 4000 block nether rail, which I have traveled many times, they will not spawn.
    However, with space near the rail which count as an air block, they will spawn. Thus, make sure your tunnel is flush to the wall and has no extraneous air pockets.
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  6. so as long as the trail looks like that all the way through I'm good