Do You Need Help building Or funding Your Next Creation?

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  1. Hi! I'm Amazin_Swordfish, owner and founder of Swordfish & co. , and our mission at Swordfish & co. is to help YOU get your next creation out there. There are two ways that our services can be helpful: 1. We will send some of our workers to actually help you physically build your creation for a low down cost. 2. You want to build it all by yourself? Fine. We will loan you up to 1000 rupees or less in increments of 100 for funding. How our loans work is simple, loans grow by 5% every day until paid back (example: 100r = 1050r @ day 1, 1102.5 @ day 2, 1157.625 @ day 3 ect.)
    So remember, if you're attempting a build, pm us first!
    Thank You,
    (to get services pm Amazin_Swordfish)
  2. loaning services arent allowed last i checked.

    I still dont know WHY they arent allowed, its as scamproof as the rest of EMC is.

    However, good luck.
  3. I see nowhere in the rules that says you cannot loan rupees to other players.
  4. Look in the many prior posts about this just search "loans" in the search bar.