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  1. Are you bored on EMC? Want to play a mini game but have no rupees?
    Well, fear not friend, for on smp5 at 10559 has come TWO new AMAZING mini games!
    The first one, owned by bugsbordow, is a wool game.
    In the chest and around the res is things needed to make all colored wool. The goal of the game it to make all colored wool and place it in the wool square in the fasion here:

    The next game, owned by me, jtc0999, is a digging game.
    You get three options: 5r for one dig, 10r for two digs, and 20r for three digs.
    You enter the fences off rectangle, and choose however many sqares you paid for for me to dig up. Whatever is underneith the top block is your to keep! :D
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  2. I forgot to post this screenshot:
    This is of my game, the fenced off rectangle.
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  3. Somebody watches RoosterTeeth :rolleyes:
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  4. What's wrong with roosterteeth? :confused:
    Tower of Pimps hater D:
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  5. If this is the case, do we also get to win a Tower of Pimps?
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  6. That is the prize if you win bugs's game
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  7. At what point did I say there was anything wrong with it?
    That first game is from one of their let's plays.
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  8. Fun is for n00bs. I play Minecraft which is exhilerating. ;)
  9. really?
    it is?
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  10. Yep
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