Do you like Redstone?

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Do you walk the red line?

I tend to avoid the lil red devil. 2 vote(s) 8.0%
I dabble in redstone. 9 vote(s) 36.0%
I know enough to accomplish anything. 9 vote(s) 36.0%
I breath redstone dust and spit comparators. 5 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Not sure if ya heard... but I do. Here is what I've got.
    Current Farms

    outer ring - stackable sugar cane
    Inner L - Melon and pumpkins
    also - cactus, netherwart

    Ice farm and obsidian farm (left w/ all the chests for lava)

    Fuel efficient smelter (left) and Cactus farm w/ item distributor for xp (needs more cacti still)

    Stackable overworld gold farm/dark room with seperate on/off for portals

    High volume stone generator (very compact)

    Dark oak tree eater

    Smart industrial brewer

    Portcullis gates

    tree farm w/o leaf crusher doubles as a large mushroom farm (replace dirt with mycel) or if you want to shear the leaves for decor.

    and lets not forget the tree farm and leaf crusher
    Current accessories

    made a 7 segment display take an analog input. Used as a clock

    made a small add/subtract circuit that can handle negative numbers yesterday, it was fun and infuriating at the same time, it still needs fine tuning.

    Hard drive, nuff said

    big 2x2 pixel displays

    hard drive and display combined, the hard drive has room to store 2 full pictures while being the same size as the display

    16 color printer that can print any movable block

    16 segment display and roms to use it and other things

    keyboard and numpad for my ascii rom to the word processor

    Analog elevators, never finished the direction selector, but other than going the wrong way sometimes, it will still stop on the correct floor and can be called from any floor.
  2. And the hardest invention completed is my analog tilable vending maching with a bank system. it has varied cost and item amounts you preset

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  3. I love redstone too, but I can't make any creations, and if you made these by yourself then <3

    Can you make me an automatic tree farm, the huge one on youtube from mumbo jumbo?
  4. Amazing machines!
  5. which one? if he has a tutorial wouldn't it benefit you to build it? I can but I don't normally build other peoples' inventions, I enjoy seeing how they do it and then making my own, but it shouldn't be hard, looks like it only works with oak and birch, which are the easiest.
  6. I love test dating still having trouble with the displays and Brewer
  7. I wish I could use it but as I have an IQ of a potato, I do not.
  8. I'm thinking about making a res full of different redstone components to help people get into it, once you grasp the basic how to, you start to see all the different ways that you can do the same exact thing, each way having their own advantages and disadvantages, giving your creativity some flexibility.
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  9. Thats cool and if ya have some time could you help me?
  10. Good Lord man!
    How long did these take to complete?
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  11. Very impressed. You have a lot more patience than I do for this type of thing.
  12. sure, i'd love to help

    each took between a day and a few weeks, and they are always improving still, just improved my tree farm last night even, now i'm gonna have to post a recommeded update for it so anyone who has one can get a free upgrade to stability and speed. And This isn't ALL of my redstone, alot of bigger builds haven't been finished, but i've got about 3 years into redstone, 2 years survival redstone and 2 years computing redstone, where the middle year was alot of computing survival redstone like that dark oak eater. My latest largest is a word processor with full ascii (keyboard) input and characters, and alot of functionality. space bar would move everything to the right of the cursor to the right 1 and delete will pull them back 1 and erase 1 to the left of the cursor, you can write a whole column or row with at a time using the same letter/character, allowing you to write the same thing on every line just by writing it once.

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  13. I'm terrible at anything involving redstone... Apart from selling the stuff :rolleyes:
  14. Record Breaking machines:

    Fastest Analog signal sent over a single wire:

    Fastest Multiplication Calculator

    I've got it down to around 30-40 redstone ticks for the largest multiplications, and there are 10 redstone ticks in 1 second. so 3 to 4 seconds before the output is proper. The guys at ORE (redstone engineers) loved it, but they all use binary, not analog. except for 1 other player.

    not breaking a record, but this is where im at with redstone, using 1 tick analog (most feared and misunderstood signal) to program a wheat farm across 1 wire.

    And if anyone wants to see the rules for 1 tick analog, it's mostly dependent on how the signal is transferred, but it can have directional issues.
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