Do you know your staff?

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  1. :Admin:
    JustinGuy - The Genius/ EMC boss/friendly
    GameKribJEREMY - Justin's helper/Gamer/Go-To guy/friendly

    :Senior Staff:
    Dark_Liz - Ultimate Nether ruler/friendly
    Shaunwhite1982 - Problem solver/friendly/Illumination technician
    IcecreamCow - Beast Ice cream dispenser/Problem solver/friendly

    GameKribJim - Silent but deadly/Strong worded/friendly/Creeper like/Helpful
    NurseKilljoy - Pwning Like A Girl/friendly
    Ahzrael - ????/????/????
    Green_Mystery - Mysterious/Helpful/friendly/Executive button presser
    Malicaii12 - Lucky/ Helpful/friendly
    Slozon - ????/????/????
    bob23646 - Spleef Master/helpful/friendly
    Twitch1 - 100 days + EMC player/helpful/friendly
    Tikiman678 - ????/????/????
    FaustLauncher - Good builder/Nice/friendly/helpful
    roja22 - ????/????/????
    Crazy1080 - friendly/helpful/active/nice/good builder/Lucky/ Creeper like/ Strong worded/fun
    R0bbieJo - somewhat new/ 24/7 winning on smp4/helpful/friendly
    ISMOOCH - helpful/kind/friendly/doesn't bite
    AndrewBuchinger - helpful/kind/good builder/generous/friendly
    Barks87 - ????/????/????
    Skilled_Creeper - all of the above!

    :Staff/ Event Organizer:
    amadai - helpful/kind/joyful/fun to be around/generous/active

    Hello guys! I am sorry if you have " ????/????/????" I currently don't know you enough to be able to describe you for others. This is currently the best I can do, I am not the best at descriptive words. All the staff of EMC are awesome and I thank them for helping us be a better place to enjoy with others!
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  2. Hmmh, interesting, the list order is the same as the staff list in the members section. So I can therefore conclude that you do not know all the staff off the top of your head :p

    But nice of you to do this :)
  3. I did it in order of the staff list so that nobody gets mad or disappointed weather they were ordered in a certain way.... I do know my staff just not the ones that don't come on a lot like the ones with "????/????/????"
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  4. AndrewBuchinger - helpful/kind/good builder/generous

    Is this person not friendly? D:
  5. I know, I have to agree with you on everything you said for the staff. The ones with ?????? I never see too.
  6. Aww, helpful+kind+generous=friendly in my book :)
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  7. Shaun your still awake!? lol
  8. Not still, i had my 5 hours sleep :)
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  9. I gave him the right color codes.
    This exists solely because of me. :p
  10. Funny how I don't see even half of those mods active on the forums. :rolleyes:
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  11. Being active in the forums isn't a mandatory prerequisite for being a moderator, but there are quite a few of us who choose to spend a good deal of time here. :)
  12. Wow, I never realized AusQB left :(. Anyone know when he went, he was a nice guy and he had an awesome res. Add to that he was one of the first two moderators, the other being Dark-Liz.
  13. Shaun and Crazy friendly?
  14. He's been gone a couple months now. Nothing negative or anything happened, I think he might have just gotten tired of Minecraft.
  15. Did he let you guys know he was leaving? I mean its quite strange that he just got up and left, especially with the role he had here.
  16. 2a2a2a is your friend ;)
  17. MR2, Skilled, I thought you loved me!? :(
  18. You forgot d1223m:Epic house/ epic shop/ tolerant / kind.
  19. Also, Crazy was/is/and will ever be best epic moderator :)