Do you know mheller2017?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by PlasmaBanana, Jan 28, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, so about 500 days ago mheller2017 gave me her voting boots, and not much later she quit forever. I wasn't really her friend, so I was wondering if any of you were. If so I will be more than happy to give these voter boots to remember a derelict friend. Please be honest, and comment below if you were friends. Thanks! :)
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  2. Very thoughtful :)
  3. well if you look on his profile page he only posted once and no one ever interacted on his page twice. The only person to like his post was NathanRP. He was only following 8 people. So it's up to you, i don't think anyone was friends enough to receive the boots. Just toss them into lava and be done with it.

    To bad there isn't a museum res for derelict/and/ or quitters voters armor to be displayed at.
  4. there is.....just not completed XD and not specifically their voters armor but some sort of token to show they were here almost like a grave of rememberance
  5. Just because he didnt get on the forum doesn't mean much. Also, I'm not going to throw the boots in lava, I'd rather keep them myself and just keep them on display at 18609 :)
  6. MHeller2017! I remember them! I played with them a long time ago, albeit not much, but I remember them well :) They played on SMP9 with me!
  7. I'm sorry but :p
  8. Sorry but what? I still remember them and have played with them before, I thought it was worth mentioning. :)