Do you got a GOOD SHOP on SMP1 Then klick here

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  1. Hey everyone do you got a good shop on SMP1 then post it below i need much stuff that means much shop's

    good shop post it below
  2. coffee_bullet and my shop is being renovated currently, and that's 2315.
    But one I remember is 413 I think? Maybe Todd_Vintons shop? That should be open
  3. I have a specialty shop with glowstone, nether wart, xp bottles and enchanted books. Smp 1 - 428.
  4. 1728 is Good :)
  5. 1215 is good. Only open when owner is online though (iamfuturetrunks)
  6. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned mine - /v 405.

    It's available 24/7, and almost always has every item in stock. (Though prices vary with supply/demand.) Public enchantment table, crafting table, teles to all the sheep farms. Plus, you can sell items you have an excess of if you ever need rupees.