Do you ever..

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  1. Do you ever get into those moods where you just hate the world for no apparent reason? Yupp.. das me.
  2. you have no idea...
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  3. Every so often I want to punch a whole in my wall.
  4. now that i can agree with...
  5. Be careful you might hit a stud behind the sheet rock and that hurts! I know from experience:mad:
    Also don't Punch the refrigerator, tv, or a street sing, those hurt to :confused:
  6. indeed, I have often contemplated how much better the world would be if something bad happened...
    Just me> ok...
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  7. Sometimes I get in moods in which I like the world.
  8. lol i punched a stud, my hand broke it.. i didnt feel a thing xD adrenaline does things..
  9. Fine then Ill throw a hammer at my wall.
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  10. I spend about 98% of my time admiring how amazing life is. Accounting the other 2% is when I am experiencing latency or lag, though I recognize that these are problems of my own design that I could fix if I was so inclined.

    Plus, I rent, so if I punch a hole in my wall then I'll have things to answer for.
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