Do we really need all these promos?

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  1. People are making suggestions for every single Holliday. I mean it's great and all, I like them, but they are getting kinda annoying seeing a promo for every Holliday. When Aikar starts to code it, he takes time off of dragon tombs. Anyone else think we shouldn't have promos EVERY Holliday?
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  2. We don't though, do we?
    I think we've got the good balance between it at the moment, enough to keep us interested but certainly not constant.
  3. While a promo for every holiday would be great, Dragon Tombs should be priority right now
  4. Or 1.7 :)
    But I agree there
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  5. Completely agree, I do like promos and they are cool and everything, but each time one comes out, they just seem less 'special' to me. We don't need them for every holiday. I think we should just have then for the main holidays (so like Christmas and new year) and special EMC events/achievements. :)
  6. We don't have a promo for every holiday.. We have them for major ones only.
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  7. EMC updating isn't EMC's fault, it is CraftBukkit.
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  8. He isn't so much talking about the amount of promos, he is talking about the amount of suggested promos.
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  9. It'll still require work from Aikar to update us.
    DragonTombs gets delayed by every Minecraft update, that's just how it is :)
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  10. We have 1.7 and Dragon tombs already waiting. Promos are just stopping us from the real fun ahead of us.
  11. Another point I would like to make, for holiday ones I think we should only have 'worldwide' holidays, although a lot of the player base for EMC is american, things like 'labor day' don't particularly appeal to me as I'm not from america so I don't have a clue what it's for. It just doesn't seem fair to me that we get a lot of 'american' centered promos. Either that or we make them for all different holidays from different countries, which would just make more promos and make everything more confusing. :)
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  12. Agreed.
  13. Note that promos don't really take that long to create, and they're certainly not something that'd be delaying DTombs/1.7. :)
  14. The amount of work that goes into making the promos is tiny compared to each update process or Dragon Tombs. (Aikar live-streamed himself making the labor bench and he had it done fairly soon) Also, if the next promo is the 2012 New Years Firework, he already has that done, just gotta change the lore :)
  15. Stop stealing my brainwaves and posting them before me lol :mad:
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  16. I honestly don't see why you all are complaining about promos, they are so cool. It's makes EMC even more unique. I think of promos as another awesome bonus to playing on EMC. See any other servers that have promos? Nope.
  17. Just for the record, a lot of Promos these days can be created in 10-20 minutes if they aren't to insane. :)
  18. insane meaning?
  19. Meaning we will get nothing for national mental health day :p.
    I think we should leave it up to the staff whether we will get promos or not!
    ~~When in the back of the car, don't tell the driver how to do their job.~~
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  20. Like, exploding cows that will take away all your rare blocks, and also ban you. You know, stuff like that.
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