do villagers do ANYTHING

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  1. yea they have new colored robes but do they do anything?
  2. They talk, they make babies and they open doors...
    That's pretty much it i think xD
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  3. I have seen under the hood and they have methods for jobs like farming and what not, perhaps much more is to come :)
  4. I'm sure I've seen the minecraft wiki claiming that they will eventually set you quests or something...
  5. I keep one around my shop for my personal security. So far since hired not one diamond has been stolen!
  6. Lol, do they wander around aimlessly? It be nice if I can have my own personal gardener or fisher villager. All I really need it to do is fish, gather wheats, shear wool, pick up eggs and other stuff. I will pay them too :D (At a much cheaper price of course XD)
  7. Can they plant seed for me? :D
  8. That too. Missed that.

    If that works, I can just freely gather any resources in the wild. :D

    Of course, I could hire a player but I don't trust people in this game yet because I don't know them well :/
  9. Enough of them in the right situations spawn Transformers.
  10. True story, 14-15 actually
  11. Lol. So the iron golem is transformer
  12. Duh (in a playful tone :p )
  13. Or, you can make your own Transformers. But Transformers won't fight for you, however they will fight for Villagers.
  14. If you try to make a transformer in town you will lose all the iron.
  15. Bit I want one sooo bad D:
  16. And it will go directly to Justin's Bank Account. :p
  17. and back into the server:D
  18. Very true my friend, very true. :D
  19. Are sieges working? If they are, I'm going to find a village and wait to watch.

    Should be awesome. :)