Do town portals work between different SMP's

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  1. Town Portals

    Nether portals that are created in Town will take you back to the Town spawn (just like /town). You can also make portals in Town that lead to other residences. To do this you make a nether portal just like normal, but place a sign directly under the portal where the first line is the players name or residence number. For example here is a Town portal that will take you to AusQB's residence:

    I'm trying to go from my place in Utopia to my other place at SMP3. I've used the lot address and my names with no luck.
  2. Yeah the way Minecraft is with all the ports and tecnikly shizzel unless notch managess to create a different way of connection computers then it is impossible.
  3. I'm pretty sure you would need to disconnect and connect to another server. I'm not positive, but it seems to me that in-game, there is no way to resolve the direct IP/port as an in-game method of travel. You would need to disconnect and go through the multiplayer menu to connect to another server. I must remark on how ingenius of an idea this would be, though. so thanks for bringing that up, I hope this doesn't discourage you. See you in-game! =)
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  4. Yes, I finally got a message that said one residence is on one SMP and the other on the other. OH well. Would have been nice to not have to us the vault system all the time.

    Thank you all for the fast reply. ;)

    I wonder if you can go from one to another with one in town and the other in the wild??? Now that would be good enough for me. :D
  5. No; town portals send you back to town from fighting Diabl-wait, that's the wrong game, isn't it?
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  6. Nope, it is impossible to create cross-server portals, unless you can somehow link all the servers together onto one massive hard drive and have each server be its own CPU. If that happened, then all the servers would have to have the same IP. It just doesn't work.
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  7. Good idea, but would be highly problamatic, especially with 16k users.
  8. I would LOVE for Mojang to add a method that says "disconnect from this server, and connect to this server". If that was the case I would so do this :) sadly at this time it is not possible.
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  9. Maybe there is a plugin for this? If not, I might be able to make one. :D
  10. The method just doesn't exist, you cant tell the game to leave and join something else without a client side mod that everyone has. Some plugins have attempted this by proxying the traffic through one server but its a huge mess.
  11. Well, maybe you could encourage people to install the said client-side mod... Is it compatible with a Vanilla server (Like TooManyItems)?