Do the still owe me?

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  1. I accidently threw my diamonds to a player when i thought he payed me for them, but it was another player paying me for a different stack of diamonds, well the player i accidently threw them to didnt pay me, as a matter of fact he logged right off, am i still owed the money from the one whom logged off or is it jst my lost from ym own fault? he had alreadly agreed to pay me 40R per diamond and i had thrown him 20diamonds liek we had agreed on.
  2. This is why you should always use chest shops...
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  3. yes i know that but i have no problems with ny of the ppl on my server till now and i figured the community was good enough but hey thats what happens, regardless does it mean he doesnt owe me the R
  4. I want to just say something then I'll say my opinion. No problem with anyone. Yep, fair enough. However, there will always be bad parts of every community. EMC is great, but with new members joining every day there's a chance you'll deal with someone not so great - and it's a pretty high chance.

    JustinGuy altered the ChestShop plugin for EMC's needs. He spent the time to make transactions like this safe and easy. In the future, use what is created.

    In my opinion, you should give the person who paid you their rupees back, and live with the loss. They didn't get anything off you so it would be unfair for them to pay.
  5. well teh person that did pay me got his diamonds as well, also i found it weird that the person that swiped the diamonds was a donator so it was a person that had been around for a while and i admit my own fault but that doesnt realy give him teh right to not pay or return the diamonds.
  6. Donators aren't always trustworthy. Remember jlopez24. I've been here about 1 1/2 months, I support and I don't consider that quite a while. I know people who have supported in the first week.

    He should return the diamonds, yes. But lets be honest, what's the chances of that happening?
  7. well this is why, whenever i have a transaction like this, i always capture it via fraps or screenshot, so it gets recorded if something goes wrong. now just because they are a supporter doesnt mean that they are old. many are new, and many are not honest. this doesnt mean that we all are, but there are a few bad apples. now if you remember the name you can try to report them, but with that little evidence all you cna do is corner them on a server and follow them until they pay. works out for me when people skip out of town with my money and move to another server.
    well heck i have always been a supporter! i joined november 6th :D
    oh the olden days of the empire... so different...
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  8. well i definitly remember his name just didnt mention it on here for their sake, but ill keep an eye out, well lost a lil bit of trust in the server ooohh wells
  9. I would love to know who it was?

    I believe that names is very important in these matters - not that you can prove anything, but its always nice to be on the look out for people like this.
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  10. Yes, It would be nice to know. Just so we know to avoid them.
  11. I would approach the player. Ask them to either pay you or return the diamonds.
    If they deny it happening, there isn't much you can do (short of banning them from your res).
    Give them a chance to do the right thing though.
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  12. i have a feeling that if they did this already, they would still deny it or not give it to them. i almost wonder if it is a little kid, not one of the average emc kids but a really really young one, who just doesnt grasp the who concept. i have met up with a few of these kids who ask basic questions, like how do i make a crafting bench, i forgot scenarios. heck one of them was one who practically stole my money!